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Grafiti for Slack Beta

Chat Smarter with Grafiti!

Add charts & graphs to your conversations.


The Grafiti integration lets you search and share charts & graphs — right into your Slack conversations.

Search the largest library of charts, graphs and infographics from the world's leading publishers.

Make your chat threads, reports, decks, and content more credible & impactful!


This integration enables the /grafiti slash command for your team. To use it, simply type /grafiti [keywords] to shuffle through charts, graphs and diagrams related to your keywords.

For example: typing /grafiti robot jobs will display charts related to "robot jobs" for you to browse through.

The Grafiti app will post a chart plus a link to the chart's original source to your chat. For help, email us at

Privacy Policy

The Grafiti app complies with Slack's terms of service.

We do not access any third-party data. We won't contact you for any reason. (But feel free to contact us!)

Further details can be found in our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use