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For Individuals

Stop wasting your time searching for insights. Grafiti curates and delivers the latest charts and data directly to you!

PRO • $100/SEAT/MO

For Businesses & Teams

Supercharge your intelligence, decks and thought leadership with more alerts, premium content, and insight experts.


For Organizations

Power your teams with custom intelligence, on-demand research, licensed content and transformative API capabilities.

Feature Lite Pro Enterprise
Search engine w/ insights from 3,000+ vetted sources
Grafiti Collections: save & track charts for your projects
Grafiti Slack Integration
Custom integrations for Hubspot, Microsoft Teams, RSS, & more
Access to premium templates & tutorials
Private instances, access control, & enhanced security
API Access: Build your own search layers or intelligence feeds
Licensed content & data from premium partners
Free onboarding video session
Dedicated Insight Manager
Dedicated on-call Insight Team
4 Insight Alerts/Month
20 Premium Insight Alerts/Month
Unlimited Premium Insight Alerts
Weekly Grafiti Industry Deep-Dive
Custom Research Reports
Custom Data Extraction
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