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Lebron James
Lebron James. Lebron James. Lebron James. Lebron James.
Juan Castrence
Juan Castrence
The Self Care Industry
The growing self care industry
kourtney bitterly
2019 Insights into Electric Scooters, Brand Awareness & the US Public (Latana)
Electric scooters are everywhere... or so it feels. Just how many people in the US are aware of the brands leading this new trend? Latana looks at brand awareness in this collection.There are three clear points we can take away form this study:1. Lyft is the scooter brand people are aware of most in the US.2. There is no real change across demographics, only for high-income individuals where Lyft and Lime perform better.3. Other brands have a significant amount of catch up to do in order to reach the brand awareness levels of Lyft and Lime.
Grafiti Official
Gone with the...wind energy
The current U.S. President isn't a big fan of wind energy but the world feels differently.
Grafiti Official
What's the deal with Greenland?
Greenland has been in the news recently, so we are here to tell you a little bit about the icy land.
Grafiti Official
Tableau dashboard Collection
Few of the dashboards I have created using Tableau
Swagat Jena
Industry Research News
overview of the industry research news to micro details of the industry performance, recent trends, key market drivers and challenges, SWOT analysis, Porter’s five forces analysis, value chain analysis, etc.
richard lewis
420 by the numbers
A little smoke never hurt nobody. In this collection we look at the economic impact of marijuana.
Grafiti Official
Basketball Charts
Interesting visualizations of basketball data.
Juan Castrence