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The Third Democratic Debate (FiveThirtyEight)
The Democrats narrowed down the candidates in September's debate. Take a look to see how the candidates fared and if the voters approved of their stances.
Grafiti Official
Boozy news
Learn about the alcohol industry and which drinks are on the rise!
Maddie Hall
2019 1H VC Valuations Report (PitchBook)
Get the latest VC information from the first half of 2019 from PitchBook!
Grafiti Official
Vape nation
E-cigarettes and vaping are more popular than ever. Due to a lack of regulations, some users are getting sick after some cartridges are mixed with dangerous filler chemicals.
Grafiti Official
Physician Burnout and Depression (Medscape)
Burnout is a major issue among physicians, and recent tragedies of physician suicide show just how extreme and devastating this situation remains. More than 15,000 physicians in over 29 specialties told Medscape about their degree of burnout and depression, how they cope with it and whether they’ve had thoughts of suicide.
Grafiti Official
Virtual Reality is becoming the new reality
Looking to get a VR headset? You're not the only one
Maddie Hall
Fantasy Football
Getting your fantasy football team ready ahead of the NFL season? Take a look at which positions will get you the most points in your PPR league and more!
Grafiti Official
Hurricane hubbub
With Hurricane Dorian about to touch down in the United States, take a look at hurricane data and statistics in the United States and the tremendous amount of damage and the economic impact the natural disaster could soon bring.
Grafiti Official
Grafiti Official
Mona Chalabi - Chart Maker Extraordinaire
A roundup of innovative and uniquely designed charts made by data journalist Mona Chalabi.
Grafiti Official

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